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Colloidal Questions and Answers This is a list of articles and answers to questions that have been sent to us . We are in the middle of major uploads to this area, so hit the reload button , or search the data base using key words. For example: if you are looking for news articles simply type in "NEWS" and those articles will pop up. This database will search only those articles in the F.A.Q. directory. If you still are unable to find what you need there is a list of articles below.

What is the use and function of ZINC ?

What is the use and function of IODINE



What is the use and function of IRON ?

What is the use and function of calcium?

What is the use and function of COPPER?




Vitamin E is an important anti-oxidant

What is the use and function of VITAMIN A (Beta Carotene)?

The all important B COMPLEX

What is the use and function of VITAMIN B-1 (Thiamin) ?

What is the use and function of VITAMIN B-2 (Riboflavin) ?

What is the use and function of MAGNESIUM ?

What is the use and function of VITAMIN B-6 (Pyridoxine) ?

What is the use and function of VITAMIN B-12 (Cobalamin) ?

What is the use and function of NIACINAMIDE (Niacin- vitamin B-3) ?

What is the use and function of PANTOTHENIC ACID ?

What is the use and function of BIOTIN?

What is the use and function of FOLIC ACID ?

What is the use and function of INOSITOL ?

What is the use and function of Lysine ?

What is the use and function of CHOLINE ?

What is the use and function of PABA (Para Amino Benzoic Acid) ?

What is the use and function of VITAMIN C (Ascorbic Acid) ?

What is the use and function of VITAMIN D ?

What is the use and function of GRAPE SEED EXTRACT ?

What is the use and function of BEE POLLEN ?

What is the use and function of BIOFLAVONOIDS * HESPERIDIN * RUTIN * QUERCETIN ?

What is the use and function of VITAMIN E ?



Do I have to take the Toddies with any specific fruit juice?

When should I use Rainforest Toddy?

Are your products tested for potency and purity?

Why is the color and consistency of the Toddies variable?

Can I give the Toddy products to my pet?

Is it alright to take the Mineral Toddy and the Total or Ultra Toddy while I'm pregnant?

I have heard that gelatin causes blood clots. Why do you recommend it?

Why do I get indigestion and gas when I take the Toddies?

Are there any people who should not take your products?

Are your products FDA approved?

Why is iron in your products? We hear today that iron is dangerous especially for men.

I have trouble with impotence. Can your products help?

Will your Sugar-eze product help my 9 year old son who has diabetes?

I am a diabetic with heart disease and asthma.
My doctor says I may also have fibromyalgia. Which of your products should I take?

There are so many different mineral products on
the market. Are they all basically the same?

We have heard that other companies are selling the same minerals in a more concentrated form.

Do any of these products interact with prescription medications?

I'm on blood thinners and my doctor says that I should discontinue the supplements because
my blood might get too thin. What do you think?

I took these vitamins to my doctor and he said I was going to be poisoned!.....Is this true?

Many of your products contain potencies far exceeding the RDI, aren't these dangerous at such high levels?

Whom might benefit from the use of Sugar-eze?

My wife has arthritis and I have diabetes, Which products will take care of these problems?

Why do you say that ratio is more important than potency?

How common is heavy metal poisoning and will the Toddy products help with this?

How can I get nutrient recommendations more specific to my needs?

How do I know if I have heavy metal poisoning?

How do I know if my side effects are detox symptoms

I've heard that Vitamin A is toxic at higher levels. Isn't there too much in these products?



Since I've been taking these products I have less energy than before. Why?

Why were the Super Nutrient formulas such as D-Stress,
Flex Flow, and Pro Flow changed to include less nutrients ?

I have heard that minerals absorb better
when taken on an empty stomach, is that true?

What is the best way to take the products?
In the Morning or at night? Do I have to take them with food?

If I am taking your Mineral Toddy, Ultra Toddy
and EFA Plus, do I need anything else?

Will Mineral Toddy meet all my mineral needs?

Why does the new Bio-Calcium have less calcium
per capsule than the old formula?

Why doesn't the Total or Ultra Toddy
have all the right levels of each nutrient?

I have been taking these products for
over a year, why the hell am I still bald?

I've been taking the product for 6 months
and my hair is grayer now than before... Why?

Is it not true that many of your products
contain toxic levels of certain metals, and how do you justify that?

Why are there such harmful metals as
aluminum, cadmium, lead, and arsenic in Mineral Toddy?

Why are your products better for me
than ones I can get from a health food store?

We have been told that tablets and capsules
are not absorbable, If this is so why does Eagle sell them?

Why pick Eagle?

I am overweight and have tried everything, what
is the nutritional solution?

Is there any nutritional help for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

What about kidney stones and kidney failure?

What can I do about Chronic Fatigue?

What does nutritional help is there for Diabetes?

What government documentation can you offer to
prove our food is nutrient poor?

Is the balance of calcium and magnesium correct?

Does Eagle have a colloidal calcium/magnesium product?

What is "humic shale?

How is Toddy made from this shale?

How can you prove your minerals are "Best"?

When will these Toddy deposits run out?

What do aluminum cans have to do with tin deficiency?

What can you tell me about Blue-Green Algae?

What is "Biological transmutation of minerals"?

What does chicken cartilage have to do with joint replacements?

Turkeys stopped dying of this in 1957?

Why are there so many athletes dying on the field?

Why minerals before vitamins?

Where do I start?

How much do I take?

How Often?

Why do the Toddys have to be kept in the icebox?

What happens if it freezes?

What kind of side effects can I expect?

What about the chance of "overdose?

Are these products compatible with each other?

What about side effects with my medication?

What do you mean by "All Natural"?

Will I feel better soon?

"Can your toddy cure me?

What does the word "colloidal mean?

CNN NEWS ARTICLE: Ritalin causes mouse cancer - Jan 14, 1996

CNN NEWS ARTICLE: Doctors say exercise, tomatoes can cut cancer - Mar. 24, 1997

CNN NEWS ARTICLE:Vitamin supplement may help prevent prostate cancer - May 19, 1997

CNN NEWS ARTICLE: Fake fat: more harm than good? - Oct. 25, 1995

CNN NEWS ARTICLE: Study suggests link between aspartame and brain cancer

CNN NEWS ARTICLE: Jumbo rats studied for obesity cure - July 1, 1997

NEWS ARTICLE: Education and income are linked to health and longevity

NEWS ARTICLE: The United States ranks 17th in average life
expectancy on a list of 32 developed nations

NEWS ARTICLE: Asthma inhalers increase cataract risk

NEWS ARTICLE: Diabetes screening guidelines strengthened

NEWS ARTICLE: Depressed women may face higher risk of osteoporosis

NEWS ARTICLE: Trans fat' triggers consumer group alert

NEWS ARTICLE: Many-Incorrectly-Think Good Posture Prevents Osteoporosis

NEWS ARTICLE: Tomato-Based Foods May Reduce Your Cancer Risk

NEWS ARTICLE: Malnutrition afflicts 1 in 4 elderly patients

NEWS ARTICLE: L. A surgeon allegedly left saw running on his break

NEWS ARTICLE: Deaths of Teen-Age Athletes Raise Questions Over Testing

NEWS ARTICLE: First case of Cystic Fibrosis in Nonhuman

NEWS ARTICLE: Death may be manslaughter,
but it wasn't murder, insists attorney

NEWS ARTICLE: Doctors Fined for Fight in Operating Room

NEWS ARTICLE: Lining docs' pockets

NEWS ARTICLE: Doctors urge acting class in med school

NEWS ARTICLE: 1,200 people may need new lab tests

NEWS ARTICLE: 2 1/2 prescription-writing errors made daily at N.Y. hospital, researchers say

NEWS ARTICLE: Medication Errors And Kids: Nation's Other Drug Crisis

NEWS ARTICLE: Weight Management

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